Through an act of “positive pranking” a homeless shelter was turned into a five star restaurant for a night, giving 50 homeless people an experience they’ve never had before.  This video might just bring you to tears!

District Two: Homelessness, Gentrification, and Housing

Melbourne HPA, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 
District 7: Literacy and Education Access

In November the Melbourne HPA ran a book drive to collect books for the Footpath Library.  The Footpath Library is an organisation that collects books for homeless and marginalised people who may not have access to good quality books. We know that the Doctor was right when he said that books are the best weapons in the world, particularly when it comes to fighting loneliness, boredom, sadness, and illiteracy, so we love this campaign.

We collected books from HPA members, had a collection box at school, and asked our friends and family, and were proud to be able to donate 64 books to the Footpath Library after a month of collecting. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Footpath Library, particularly if you live in Australia, go here:


What does race have to do with a woman’s salary?

A lot.

Today is Equal Pay Day. Join us in the fight for fair pay.


District 5: Unemployment